95% love it
More Levi than leather
A non-pretentious, friendly crowd gathers here for drinking and conversation on the patio. Although Venture-N has traditionally been a leather bar, they welcome everyone through their doors with a smile and a good time.


    • chilipepper
      chilipepper Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hometown favorite
      Whenever i visit Tucson I love coming here cause I get to see such a great cross section of men all enjoying the evening or afternoon. i like how the crowd of locals and how friendly everyone is. The drinks are good and they offer good specials and have a happy hour. It's a cozy place and all are welcome.

    • m4mORALguy
      m4mORALguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Leather-Lite - But Often Fun as Hell
      This is what gay bars used to be like. Unpretentious, friendly, diverse in clientele, sexually stimulating at times and boring as anything other times. It is hit and miss, or sloppy drunk. It is staid and quiet or hot, sexy and raunchy. Basically, it's whatever you make of it at the time you're there. Because of my interests and proclivities, I live the 10-12 Midnight window particularly. Guys are in a gently boozy frame of mind and inhibitions have begun to flow south. Thoughts and minds have moved below the belt-line and guys start thinking more with their little head and not their big one. All in all, I always seems to have a good time there. Maybe a few guilt angs the next morning, but isn't that what a fun gay bar is supposed to elicit?

    • kyle520
      kyle520 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Bad customer service
      Really, you are going to throw someone out for only ordering water? Especially when his three other friends were drinking. What if this person was the designated driver? Sounds like the bartender is in the wrong business! Stay classy Tuscon. This review is based upon what my friend experienced there yesterday. Not a good way to run a business!

    • toverholt
      toverholt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nothing, but good people, and fun. If you are looking for twinks, this is not the place. The crowd is more mature, in behavior that is. While deemed a "leather" bar, I don't think it has that feel. It is more of a relaxed, no drag environment. Things are simple here, and you won't find much in the way of frills. It is just a simple, nice place to hang. I cannot believe the number of people I have me there.

    • MikeyLove
      MikeyLove Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A wonderful place to be if you'renot into the dancing scene
      Lots of friendly people here, including the staff, as I am the janitor too.

    • Azauzzie
      Azauzzie Over a year ago
      Hates it

      rough neck men
      I'd say this is a cruse bar where you can hook up if that's what you're into. It's mostly 30 somethings and up. The staff are super nice and gave me a free drink. But leather and levis are not my style. Average indor bar area with pool table. Outdoor area with bar (usually not open). No dance floor. It's mostly a neighborhood bar scene.

    • my10sbigger
      my10sbigger Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Definitely a man's bar...
      I travel to Phoenix and Tucson quite a bit, and I have to admit that I like this Tucson bar the best. I was there last summer (2009) and last Christmas season. Kinda reminds me of the Mine Hole (TMC) where I'm from. Hot and friendly bartenders, basic somewhat stronger drinks, and a really horny bunch of guys at night. The older bartender, Bucky is a trip, and the bartenders on the nights when I was there were quick to refill, even though the place was busy. Crowd not so friendly during the day, but friendly (horny) for sure at night. The bar has a cool variety of inside, outside patio bar and a really cruisy back patio. Not fancy, just the basic good stuff. Best opportunity for getting laid in Tucson... Great Full Moon Party!! Awesome music! My best and last stop of Tucson bars...